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Where to Find the Three Skull Totem on Sunken Grove in Sea of Thieves

Riddle me this.

There is no doubt that in Sea of Thieves the riddles are the most interesting part of treasure hunting across the open sea. It’s rather disappointing to receive one you’ve done before, but for those first attempts we at GameSpew are here to give you a helping hand in finding exactly where the location of interest is. Here’s where to find the three skull totem at Sunken Grove.

Here is the riddle in question. The riddle you get in your game of Sea of Thieves may have some differences to ours, but the three skull totem never moves:

On the Sunken Grove lie buried spoils, hidden wealth from all my toils.

At the three skull totem to the South East prove your worth, 9 paces East-by-North East, are you ready to break the earth?

We ventured in from the northerly pathway on Sunken Grove – a few other ships were sniffing around at the time. The descriptor of totem is a bit loose as we were expecting a totem pole with three skulls on top of each other rather than some skulls and a bit of wood, but never mind. The video below will show you the location of the three skull totem.

This time we managed to dispatch with those nasty skeletons with haste, and vigour! And oh goody, a castaway’s chest. The luck of the raven’s eye is not with me on these riddles’ treasure.

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