A Quick Guide to the Side Activities of Yakuza 6

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Yakuza 6 is a great game.

Like pretty much all Yakuza games though, its story can be a bit slow at times. And what’s the best thing to do when Kiryu’s saga is dragging a little? Engage in some silly side activities, that’s what.

Luckily there’s plenty to do in Yakuza 6 outside of the main story, and aside from being fun, engaging in the game’s side activities allows you to complete challenges and earn valuable experience points, too.

Hit Some Baseballs

If you fancy testing your batting abilities, head on over to the Yoshida Batting Centre in the northern part of Kamurocho. There are two courses available, Home Run and Challenge, each with a range of difficulties. It costs 300 yen to play, but you’ll certainly have some fun.

Yakuza 6 Baseball

Throw some Darts

There are two Dartslive venues in Kamurocho, both allowing you to throw some darts for 200 yen. And unlike most places you can play darts in UK, there’s not a beer belly in sight. You can even play against an opponent if you visit Dartslive at Club SEGA in Theatre Square.

Impress Your Personal Trainer

Want to get Kiryu back at peak performance after years in prison? Visit RIZAP on the Western side of Kamurocho and get yourself a personal trainer. With their help you can optimise your training session, and when you’re done they’ll advise you what food you should eat to maximise the benefit of your workout. Eat the right food and you’ll get a nice experience point bonus.

Play Some Classic Arcade Games

Remember Outrun? How about Super Hang-On, Fantasy Zone or Space Harrier? In Yakuza 6 you can play them by visiting Club SEGA at Theatre Square in Kamurocho. Alternatively, visit Club SEGA on Nakamichi Street in Kamurocho to play PuyoPuyo and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. This is our favourite side activity – being able to play these games alone makes Yakuza 6 worth buying.

Yakuza 6 Club SEGA

Build Up Your Clan

As side activities go, this is meaty. While Kiryu was in prison, gangs took over the streets. Fed up of their shenanigans, a group called JUSTIS was formed to fight back against the gangs, but now it has gone and pretty much become one itself. Of course, it’s now up to Kiryu to put an end to JUSTIS, but to do so he’ll have to grow his clan. Why not find potential members spread throughout Onomichi and Kamurocho and give them a good beating to get them to join? And once you’ve built up your clan you can engage in some RTS style battles and take down JUSTIS once and for all.

Play Mahjong

Do you like Mahjong? If so, then you’ll be happy that there are two places to play Mahjong in Kamurocho. We don’t, so we haven’t. Fin.

Sing Your Heart Out

Kiryu loves a bit of karaoke, we all know that by now, surely? Don’t deprive him – head on over to Karaokekan in Kamurocho, pay 500 yen, and fulfil Kiryu’s need to sing his heart out. You know what? He’s actually not a bad singer.

Yakuza 6 Karaoke

Make an Offering

If you fancy boosting the experience points you earn, why not visit the Ryunan Shrine Jizo Statues in the north west area of Onomichi. Make them an offering and you’ll acquire more experience points of your choice for a short period. Be more generous to reap better rewards!

Enjoy Some Female Company

Kiryu has the ladies swooning all over him, but for some reason he still likes to visit a hostess club once in a  while. By heading on over to Club Shine in Kamurocho Kiryu can choose the woman who takes his fancy before trying to impress them with his conversational skills. Or he can just buy them an expensive drink. Max out their affection meter and who knows what will happen. It’s quite costly though – make sure you’ve got at least 10,000 yen available or you won’t get very far.

Enjoy the Company of Cats

If you’re a cat lover, you just have to make Kiryu visit the Nyan Nyan Cafe in Kamurocho. There are cats, lots of cats… well, there would be if they hadn’t all run away. But Kiryu, being the pussy magnet that he is, agrees to help find them and bring them back. Better stock up on cat food then, eh?

Yakuza 6 Cat Cafe

Be a Hero

The streets of Onomichi and Kamurocho are full of danger. Crime lurks around every corner, and someone needs to step up and crack down on it. Why not let that be you? The Troublr app installed on your phone will frequently alert you to crimes taking place. Perhaps press the X button when prompted from time to time and take action. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts, and you’ll have a nice warm feeling inside.

Be a Dirty Old Man

As you explore Kamurocho, you’re likely to come across a couple arguing. Kiryu steps in and learns that live chat is the reason for the conflict, instigating a side quest. Complete it and you’ll then be able to engage in the Mantai Internet Cafe Live Chat activity whenever you please. For a price you can chat to one of two ladies who certainly aren’t shy, and by typing in your messages on time things might heat up. Perform well and Kiryu’s eyes might just pop out of his head.

There are a lot of side activities to engage in while making your way through Yakuza 6‘s story, so make sure you take some time to enjoy them. They’ll certainly entertain, amuse and shock you!

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