Conan Exiles’ Nudity is Surprisingly Graphic

If you’re a fan of survival games, Conan Exiles should be on your radar.

Available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Conan Exiles drops you into a harsh world in which your custom-made muscle-clad warrior must do their best to stay alive. You’ve got to build a house, hunt, keep yourself hydrated; you know, the usual. It’s one of the most action-packed examples of the genre though, and surprisingly, it has also got some pretty graphic nudity. Well, depending on where you live.

While most games settle with just showing characters’ upper bodies without any form of clothing in great detail, Conan Exiles goes the whole way if you’re in a country that isn’t afraid of such detail. That’s to say that in the UK at least, even your character’s genitalia is intricately detailed.

Conan Exiles 2

Genitals, or no genitals?

You don’t have to play with full nudity enabled if you don’t want to; it doesn’t have any impact on gameplay whatsoever. Starting out totally in the buff with the full nudity option turned on does at least make your first half an hour or so with the game quite amusing. Then you’re likely to have thrown together some clothes to give yourself some modesty.

Progression through Conan Exiles is driven by completing tasks, and one of the first ones you’re given is to climb to higher ground. Suffice to say, watching your character clamber up a rock stark naked is a strange thing to watch. And then, as they near the top and the climb becomes more of a crawl… well, you really get an eyeful. The full nudity option is definitely not for the prudish.

For console versions of the game, much of the nudity is censored in the US, I believe. I imagine if you’re hellbent on seeing some digital private parts there’s some way around it though. You probably shouldn’t consider picking up the game just for its crudeness, however. Pick it up because it’s actually rather fun to play, albeit a bit obtuse at times. I’ll have more on that soon, once I’ve put in more time to give it the review it deserves.