Dark Souls: Age of Fire Explores the History of the Silver Knights

It’s a good time to be a Dark Souls fan.

As well as the imminent release of Dark Souls Remastered, which we reviewed only yesterday, a new comic book series has just begun courtesy of of Titan Comics.

Retelling the legends of the Silver Knights, issue one of four is available now, introducing us to a handful of its characters including Arkon. You can see their info via the sample page below.

Dark Souls Age of Fire 1

Written by Ryan O’Sullivan, Dark Souls: Age of Fire is a short but enjoyable read at 32 pages, and it’s accompanied by some beautiful art by Anton Kokarev.

Want a copy? Head to your local comic book store; all good ones should have you covered. Alternatively, you can buy it digitally from retailers like Amazon. You can even preorder a hardback release of the full series, set for release in October. If you’re a true Dark Souls fan, you’re probably going to want to.