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Bad News for Trophy Hunters – Dragon’s Crown Pro has a Shared Trophy List

Looking forward to the release of Dragon’s Crown Pro later this month?

You probably should be, and we’ll have some preview coverage up pretty soon. But if you’re a trophy hunter and have already played the game on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita you should prepare yourself for a bit of a disappointment: it has a shared trophy list.

More than likely the result of save game data being able to be shared across all three formats, Dragon’s Crown Pro does not feature its own trophy list. It means that if you’ve played it on another format already and have got a substantial number of its trophies, you won’t be hearing that satisfying sound of a trophy being unlocked for your accomplishments as you play it on PlayStation 4.

Of course, the real joy of Dragon’s Crown comes from simply playing it, so potentially not being able to unlock any more trophies by playing the new Pro version shouldn’t dampen your excitement for it too much. But still, a separate, new trophy list would have been nice. Alas, keep your eyes peeled for our initial thoughts on Dragon’s Crown Pro in the next few days ahead of its May 15th release. In the meantime, why not watch the new 4K comparison trailer below?

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