Anybody who knows anything about video games knows that they take a hell of a lot of work to create.

Just look at the credits for any AAA release. You'll see that literally hundreds of people have been involved in its production. That's why it's so amazing when we stumble across an indie gem, made by a small team. In some cases, just one person has made a truly outstanding game. To those geniuses, we salute you.

Let's take a look at 14 successful games, all originally made by just one person.

Axiom Verge

Developed by Tom Happ

top 10 games made by one person

Released back in 2015, Axiom Verge is the labour of love of Tom Happ. He spent seven years creating the game in his spare time. Seven. Years.

Happ has carefully created everything by himself, from set design to the music. The finished product is an immensely enjoyable side-scrolling metroidvania. It's probably one of our favourite metroidvanias of recent years, in fact; not much else has come close to rivalling Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for us. With gorgeous pixel art and some truly freaky designs reminiscent of HR Giger, there's a hell of a lot to love here.

Axiom Verge has been ported to every major format, most recently onto Nintendo Switch in October 2017.


Developed by Luke Hodorowicz

Top 10 Games Made by One Person

Shining Rock Software, a one-man development studio run by Luke Hodorowicz, is the brains behind Banished, a city builder released for PC in 2014. Inspired by the likes of Anno, Banished sees you managing your own remote community, growing the town and ensuring your populace is happy and cared for.

In a reddit AMA held before the game released, Hodorowicz said he'd spent over 5500 hours developing the game.  That's 230 cumulative days – a phenomenal amount of time. It's seemingly paid off, though; since its release on Steam in February 2014, Banished has received over 22,000 'very positive' reviews.

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