Here’s The E3 2018 UK Time Conference Schedule

E3 2018, the biggest event of the gaming year, is just around the corner.

And the main attraction of E3 for most of us is, of course, the press conferences: the parts where all the big companies get up on stage and wax lyrical about the new games and features they have coming. While we can expect a great deal to leak between now and June, it’s not unusual for lots of announcements to remain a surprise, so each conference is always worth tuning into.

Running from Saturday 9th June until Tuesday 12th June, the conferences are spread out – and, thankfully for us here in the UK, the vast majority will be aired at much more social hours. Only Sony and Bethesda are set to keep us up late, so just make sure you schedule in a couple of afternoon naps.

Here’s the schedule for E3 2018. All times are BST – local UK time.

Saturday 9th June

7pm: Electronic Arts

Sunday 10th June

9pm: Microsoft

Monday 11th June

2.30am: Bethesda

6pm: Square Enix

9pm: Ubisoft

Tuesday 12th June

2.30am: Sony

5pm: Nintendo

For the first time, Sony has dropped an announcement about what games are going to be shown off during its conference. It’ll be giving us more information about Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II. It doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting any new first-party games announced, but there will be third party announcements. A weird choice, but we’re at least looking forward to seeing more from the games they’ve shown off at the last two E3s.

Updated 17/05: added Sony to the schedule.