How to Get an Extra Follower in State of Decay 2

When you’re surrounded by zombies it’s good to have some backup, especially so in State of Decay 2.

Normally, you can only recruit one follower from your base to help you on your zombie-slaughtering, building-raiding adventures. But there’s a neat way to get around this and get bolster your chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse. You can get yourself an extra follower for a short amount of time, and it’s pretty easy to do.

How to get a (temporary) extra follower

Wait for a stranger to call for help and then get one of your own followers to tag along as you head out to rescue them. Once you reach the rescue spot, marked by a white “?” on the map, help them out by slaughtering the zombies that are, in all likelihood, attacking them.


They’ll then typically ask you to take them somewhere or go with them to raid a particular building. Agree to this but don’t go to the building. Instead, tackle whatever task you have in mind, whether it’s destroying a plague heart, annihilating a zombie nest or taking on hostile survivors. The stranger you recruited will tag along, giving you an extra pair of crowbar wielding hands to help out. When you’re done with them you can then carry on and complete the stranger’s original task.

And if the worst comes to the worse and they expire in the line of duty? It’s not like you really knew them anyway. You monster.