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How to Kill Todd in Detroit: Become Human

Spoilers for Detroit: Become Human ahead. Obviously.

Have you, as sentient android Kara, gone up against Detroit: Become Human’s deadbeat dad and come off worse for it?

Here’s how to make the game’s sixth chapter, Stormy Night, even grimmer by shooting Todd dead.

First, you need to play through Chapter 3. If you’ve already completed Chapter 3, you can replay it and opt to let the game overwrite your choices.

Chapter 3: A New Home

  • When you’re tidying upstairs, go into Todd’s room, the first door on the left when you go upstairs, and tidy away his pills. This will show you where the gun is. Then finish the chapter as normal.

Chapter 6: Stormy Night

  • When you’re playing as Kara in Chapter 6, go through the chapter until Todd gets mad.
  • Try to move and he’ll shout at you.
  • Try to move again and you’ll be prompted to break your programming by pressing certain buttons. Do this.
  • When you’ve broken your programming, go upstairs and go into Todd’s room, the first on the left.
  • Open the cabinet on the right side of the bed to get the gun. You’ll see Todd walk past the doorway.
  • Leave the room and go to Alice’s room at the end of the corridor.
  • Head in. Todd will knock the gun from your hand.
  • You’ll now get into a fight with Todd. Provided you complete most of the quick-time events successfully, you’ll win and, grabbing the gun, you’ll shoot Todd.
  • Finally, leave the house with Alice to continue the game.

And there you have it. Todd is dead, his punishment for the dual crimes of beating his daughter and being a terrible one-dimensional character.

Enjoy the consequences.

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