How to Repair Weapons in State of Decay 2

If you’re playing State of Decay 2, you’ll know that weapons have a set durability after which point they become unusable.

Thankfully the game is fairly generous in this respect and you won’t find your weapons falling to bits after a few hits, as was the case in Breath of the Wild.

But they will eventually break and while it’s tempting to just drop them and pick up a new one there are finite supplies within the world.


Here’s how to repair your melee weapons and guns in State of Decay 2:

  1. Build a workshop if your base doesn’t already have one.
  2. Place the weapon you want to repair in your storage locker. (You’ll need to unequip it if it’s not entirely broken yet.)
  3. Go to your storage locker and select the weapon then hit the repair button (Y).
  4. You’ll then be told how many parts (see below) you need to repair it.
  5. If you have enough parts, choose to repair the weapon. And with that you’re good to go zombie slaughtering.

how to repair weapons in state of decay 2

The more powerful the weapon, the more parts it’ll cost to repair. Parts can be found around the game world; or you can make them by dissembling the weapon remains (not the same as broken weapons) you find around the world. You can also select the salvage option on the supply locker screen to turn weapons into parts.

If an item is reasonably worn, it shows up as yellow in your inventory. If it’s red, it’s broken or about to break. You don’t need to wait until a weapon is in either of those states to repair it, however.

And so, with your newly repaired weapon, get out and kill some zeds!