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How to Save Your Game in Dragon’s Crown Pro

New to Dragon’s Crown? You may be wondering how to save your game data.

While your progress is automatically saved at the end of each dungeon you complete, it’s wise to also make a manual save from time to time. But how do you do it?

You can only manually save your data when back in the town hub. Go all the way left and you’ll find the tavern. Enter it. In the tavern you can manage your party, and also manually save your game. See the option to make a record of your adventure? Select it, and you can then save your game progress. Easy as pie.

As previously mentioned, the game automatically saves every time you complete a dungeon, so you never need to worry about losing too much progress. But if you’ve been fiddling with your equipment or doing things around the town, it’s wise to manually save if you’re thinking of turning the game off. No one likes having to repeat themselves, do they?

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