Diablo 3 is great, no matter what format you play it on.

If you're like us though, you've probably seen nearly all it has to offer by now. As such, we've had to search elsewhere for more of the frantic, loot-filled fun that Diablo 3 provides. Thankfully we didn't have to look too far to find similar experiences on PS4.

There's a decent number of PS4 games that combine intense action with RPG mechanics and a healthy amount of loot. Want to know what they are? Read on and find out. Then you can go and acquire some of them, and engage in loot filled adventures once again.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest 2

Originally released in 2006 on PC, Titan Quest arrived on PS4 not too long ago, much to the surprise of everyone.

Spruced up and given a new user interface, Titan Quest on PS4 has its issues but is still a very worthy Diablo clone. Its story will take in excess of 30 hours to complete, there's so much loot that you won't know what to do with it, and its character development is surprisingly deep. The more you play it the more you become aware that it's an old game given a new lick of paint, but if you love Diablo don't let that put you off; Titan Quest has a great deal of entertainment in store for fans of loot-filled action RPGs.

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Victor Vran

Victor Vran 1 jpg

It has demons, loot and bucketloads of action, and it's also one of the best Diablo clones on PS4. It is Victor Vran, and it's available as a standard or fully-featured version complete with additional content.

The standard version of Victor Vran is budget priced, so it's definitely worth checking out. Then, if you like it, you can buy the two additional expansion packs and it still costs the same as the fully featured version. Our advice is to definitely pick up the Motorhead: Through the Ages expansion as it rocks (pardon the pun). Chances are though, that if you love Diablo 3 you'll have a great time with Victor Vran.

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