Super Lucky’s Tale Finally Gives You Something to Spend All Those Coins On

Not only did Super Lucky’s Tale get a surprise DLC pack yesterday, it also got a free update that added in cosmetic items.

I love Super Lucky’s Tale. It’s one of my favourite 3D platformers of recent years, but I had one major complaint with the game: it forces you to collect a lot of coins, but doesn’t give you anything to do with them. Thanks to yesterday’s patch, though, those coins finally have a purpose. You can buy outfits for Lucky!

In the level hub, you’ll find a new vendor cart. Interacting with it will bring up a shop menu, with a number of items you can spend your hard-earned coins on.


The selection of items – including hats, sunglasses and outfits for Lucky – is pretty limited, and a sizeable percentage is locked to owners of the DLC, but still; it’s finally nice to have something to use those coins on. Every item is fairly expensive though, so don’t expect your coins to go too far.

Guardian Trials

As for the latest Super Lucky’s Tale DLC, it’s called Guardian Trials and puts Lucky through a series of difficult trial-based levels. Styled with as much 80s glamour as a Nicolas Winding Refn movie, Guardian Trials is retro to its very core. Neon colours and geometrical patterns galore, it’s much tougher than any other world that Super Lucky’s Tale has thrown at you yet.

If you’re a Lucky fan, then you’ll probably want to get your fuzzy paws on it. It’s available right now for £4.19/$4.99. And remember, if you’re a Game Pass subscriber, you can grab the base game of Super Lucky’s Tale completely free.

We’ll have more on Guardian Trials later in the week when I’ve practised enough that I can beat it. Cue a Rocky-style training montage…