11The Biggest LEGO Sets That You Can Buy

LEGO, like video games, is no longer just for kids.

A lot of the sets that LEGO release are aimed at kids, for sure, but then there are also plenty aimed squarely at the adult market. Five year old Tommy probably isn’t going to be as thrilled about building a detailed replica of a Mini Cooper as his 35 year old dad, for example. While eight year old Millie would probably love the idea of getting her hands on the Disney Castle, but soon tire of building it.

LEGO is now a hobby for all ages, albeit quite an expensive one. To buy all of the LEGO sets in this list you’d need in excess of £2,000/$3,000. That’s a lot of pocket money. Each and every one of these gargantuan models is a sight to behold once completed though, so sit back, relax, and admire the 10 biggest LEGO sets ever made.