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The Xbox One Achievement Leaderboard Has Just Got a Little Bit Better

If you’re a fan of Xbox achievements and play on Xbox One a lot, you might have previously noticed a bit of an anomaly.

While you can play many Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, for some strange reason, any achievement points you earned in them weren’t taken into consideration by the Gamerscore leaderboard, which runs each month. It wasn’t a biggie, but if you’d been playing Xbox 360 games all month and the leaderboard showed you a big fat zero for Gamerscore, it was a little disheartening. Well, it wont be an issue anymore.

As you can see from Xbox’s Larry Hryb’s Twitter post above, going forward, Gamerscore earned in Xbox 360 games will now be reflected by the Gamerscore leaderboard. For many it’s inconsequential, but for those of us who chase achievements it’s a welcome change. So, get playing those Xbox 360 games and boost that Gamerscore. Be the envy of your friends as you soar past them.

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