Why Mobile Gaming is So Popular

It used to be that the video game industry big players were defined by the battle for supremacy between the latest console available to the general public.

But over the last few years as mobile gaming became increasingly popular, more and more players are turning to their mobile devices to have their gaming fix. In fact, it is expected that by 2020, mobile gaming will account for half of the £800 million video game market.

Currently, mobile gaming accounts for about 40% of the video game market. The transition towards mobile play is certainly hotting up, and when you begin to consider our changing lifestyle habits, it’s not really surprising that mobile gaming is enjoyed by more and more people.


Let’s face it; almost everyone has a smartphone. In our pockets or at close range 24/7, the smartphone has  become a constant source of entertainment. And as technology advances, so do the range and scope of apps and games available, appealing to more and more people.

We all lead busy lives and we expect to be able to do so much more with our mobile devices than simply keeping in contact with family and friends. Today, we can carry out our banking, keep an eye on our health, browse and buy goods and services and also source our entertainment.

Mobile gaming is proven to have stress-relieving qualities, with recent studies proving that playing online bingo actually has health benefits. Just taking a few moments out of a busy day can rejuvenate and help us face the rest of the day with renewed vigour.

Most games can be played for free, so there is no need to deposit real money. Even leading PC and console games are making the move to mobile, with Fortnite and PUBG recently getting mobile versions. And for people wanting more casual games, there are literally thousands available on the app store, and sites like bingosites.uk list hundreds more.

Popular game Angry Birds has seen over 3 billion downloads across all of its games since it started in 2009. And Pokémon Go, which has been around since July 2016, has around 65 million active monthly users. Those are some serious numbers. 2017 was also the year where games became the most downloaded type of app, both in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Whether or not you game on your mobile, it’s clear to see that it’s a marked that’s only going to get bigger. Perhaps you don’t see mobile gaming as “real” gaming, but with it being more accessible to more people than console or PC gaming, it’s only set to get even bigger.