You Can Now Play All the Saints Row Games on Xbox One

I know it’s an opinion that won’t be shared by many, but I prefer the Saints Row series to Grand Theft Auto.

Ever since the original Saints Row was released in 2006, I’ve been engaging in utterly ridiculous gang warfare with a smile on my face. And they’ve just got dafter and more enjoyable with each subsequent release. The Grand Theft Auto games, on the other hand, have just got more bloated and boring.

While we’re waiting for a new Saints Row game to be announced, and I really hope one does, Xbox One owners might be happy to hear that they can now play every Saints Row game that has been made thanks to backwards compatibility.


While the Xbox One has been backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 versions of Saints Row 23 and 4 for a while now, the original Saints Row and the standalone Saints Row 4 expansion Gat Out of Hell have also been added to the list. Of course, playing them on Xbox One tidies up their visuals a little, and also improves their framerates; even more so if you play them on an Xbox One X. Unfortunately none of the titles are Xbox One X enhanced though.

It should be noted that both Saints Row 4 and Gat Out of Hell also received an Xbox One release. If you’ve not played those two games yet that’s the best way to enjoy them. You can read our review of Gat Out of Hell right here. The more recent Agents of Mayhem is also set in the same universe and is a great amount of fun. We’ve reviewed that too.