30 Overwhelmingly Positive Games in the Steam Summer Sale For Under £1

You read that right: in Steam’s Summer Sale, there are thirty overwhelmingly positive games priced at less than £1. That’s pennies! You can probably rustle up enough for one or two of these just by digging around under the sofa cushions.

The games are ordered from cheapest to most expensive. I say ‘expensive’, but we’re going to the heavy heights of 99p here, so it’s hardly breaking the bank. In fact, you can add each of these 30 games to your library and it’ll cost you just over twenty quid. £20 for thirty overwhelmingly positive games! Games that are so good that you’ll be actually overwhelmed by it.

Here are the games. Ready your wallet, fire up Steam, and let’s go shopping!

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4,347 reviews

Bit Blaster XL is a retro-inspired fast-paced arcade shoot ’em up. This one is only 79p full price, but we’re not arguing with a 50% saving.

1,590 reviews

 Orbt XL is an intensely addictive score chaser. The Steam description describes it as being “perfect for playing while waiting in queue for another game.”

1,105 reviews

It’s a house. That’s super. And full of dead ninjas. What more could you possibly want for a game that costs less than 50p?

8,467 reviews

Montaro looks like an innocent platform game with a SUPER CUTE DOG, but then the description says “lift up highschool girls’ skirts, protect your doge by panties”. So we’re not really sure what’s going on. But cute dogs yay!

6,242 reviews

Okay, so Shower With Your Dad Simulator sounds a little dodgy, but it’s actually a fun fast-paced matching game. And any dad-dongs on display are tastefully pixellated for your protection.

4,178 reviews

Zup! looks to be a series of puzzle games with a minimalist approach. They’ve taken the minimal approach with the Steam description too: “Minimal physical puzzle with explosions.”

616 reviews

Zup! 7 has the exact same description as Zup! 2. I’m guessing Zups 3 through 6 just weren’t as good.

12,820 reviews

Blood and Bacon is a multiplayer FPS that faces you against an “onslaught of porcine monstrosities”. If you’ve got a vendetta against piggies, this is the game for you.

2,763 reviews

A number-based logic puzzle, Hexcells is one to get your brain working.

6,083 reviews

Lyne’s a minimalist puzzle game that has you connecting shapes with lines, funnily enough. It’s the sort of thing that lures you in with a false sense of security then gets REALLY COMPLICATED when you think you’ve cracked it.

14,188 reviews

Yet another minimalist puzzle game, Super Hexagon is a colourful, trippy number with a soundtrack by Chipzel.

12Hook – 63p

5,559 reviews

People on Steam apparently love those minimal puzzle games, because here’s another one. This one is Hook, a game about connecting lines and shapes together.

13Klocki – 63p

3,049 reviews

Guess what? Klocki‘s another minimal puzzle game. This one’s a bit more blocky in design though.

1,385 reviews

King Exit‘s an RPG Maker-made turn based game filled with lots of anime art. The story sounds pretty crazy, so a standard JRPG affair, then.

1,993 reviews

Zenge is a relaxing puzzle game, but this time with the addition of some funky artwork and a bit of a narrative.

9,972 reviews

Refunct’s a first-person experience that has you jumping between floating platforms in order to triggers switches. It’s a short game, but set amid a beautiful landscape, it’s great fun.

44,651 reviews

Nearly 45,000 reviews! People love Geometry Dash! It’s a simple (but fiendish) platformer that has you jumping and flying through levels to the rhythm of the game’s soundtrack.

28,312 reviews

Heard of the phrase “going postal”? Postal 2 takes that literally. It’s a mental shooty game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

55,110 reviews

Surely if you’re at all interested in Counter-Strike, you’ll already own it. But if you don’t, you can get in on the action for a measly 71 pence. Sounds good.

34,365 reviews

The first-person puzzle game that spawned numerous clones, Portal‘s over 10 years old now and is already a classic. If it’s not in your Steam library, make it so.

43,342 reviews

While you wait for Half-Life 3 to get announced, you can play Half-Life 2. Again. And again. And again. Forever.

18,175 reviews

When you’re bored of replaying Half-Life 2, you can dip back into the first game that started it all. It’s almost 20 years old, but is still just as loved today as it ever was.

10,482 reviews

It claims to be the “fastest, most intense indie brawler the world has ever seen”. We’re not inclined to argue. For 79p you might as well try it yourself and find out.

1,358 reviews

Oh hey – it’s been a while since we had one of these! It’s a minimalist puzzler! We reviewed 140 a while back, and it fared pretty well.

9,514 reviews

Mirror appears to be a match-three type puzzle game combined with some beautiful anime art. And some booby ladies. Hey, if that’s your thing.

1,644 reviews

X-COM: UFO Defense comes from 1993 (!) but it’s still making waves on Steam today. If you want to see how things were done back in the day, then 98p is all you need to spend.

8,075 reviews

A point and click adventure, The Room has you wandering around the attic of an abandoned house. It looks great, its puzzles will keep you hooked, and you’ll be dying to find out the mysteries The Room is hiding.

2,052 reviews

It’s an oldie, but a classic. Quake has you making your way through 32 single-player levels filled with gruesome monsters ready to meet the business end of your gun.

3,849 reviews

A lo-fi game that sees you, er, travelling down a well (funny that), Downwell is simple in its execution but extremely addictive. A roguelike, you’ll want to try again and again to try and get just that little bit further. Here’s our review.

1,385 reviews

A point and click adventure, Roots is part of the Rusty Lake collection that has you exploring the bloodline of James Vanderboom’s family. A cool art style, over 33 levels and a unique soundtrack promise to make this an engaging experience.