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1The best LGBTQ+ content on Netflix US

Netflix isn’t particularly known for having the best LGBTQ+ content available.

Many times when I write something LGBTQ+ related, I seek out advice from my two best friends. We’re all a part of the community, so I find it helpful to get their feedback on ideas related to LGBTQ+ topics.

When asking them about this article they both told me that they didn’t have anything to contribute to this particular list. Both friends believe that much of Netflix’s LGBTQ+ content portrays toxic stereotypes that are unreliable and straight-up cringe worthy. I decided that, in spite of this, I would try to do a little research myself and did my best to compile an appropriate list for us fellow Netflix bingers in the US this pride month.

Read on to see my picks of Netflix US’s best LGBTQ+ content. Sorry, UK folk, not all these shows are available on Netflix UK, but I’ve indicated which ones are.

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