Three Weeks After Launch, Agony Still Hasn’t Been Patched on Xbox One


On 29th May, Madmind Studio’s hotly anticipated horror game Agony was finally released.

Available on PS4, PC and Xbox One, Madmind Studio came under fire before the game’s launch due to censorship; a fire which it has been trying to douse ever since. In fact, the developer plans to self publish an uncensored version of Agony at a later date to appease fans. What it still hasn’t done, however, is explain that why, three weeks after launch, the Xbox One version of the game still hasn’t been patched.

Agony is currently pretty much unbearable to play on Xbox One. Performance problems and screen tearing combined with atrocious audio issues and the game’s painfully dire gameplay create a combo that is hard to stomach. While some of these issues have been alleviated somewhat on PS4 and PC, which have received numerous patches since launch, Xbox One owners have been left in the cold.

With every new patch announced via Agony‘s social media channels, Xbox One gamers have vocally expressed their anguish at being left waiting. Madmind Studio claims that multiple patches have been sent to Microsoft for review, but none have yet to materialise. The latest PC patch was released on Saturday, for instance, with the developer commenting that the Xbox One patch would be coming after the weekend. It’s now Wednesday, and the patch still remains absent.

Agony Xbox One Patch

It goes without saying that you really shouldn’t consider picking up Agony on Xbox One at this time. It’s far from being remotely fun on the format. Many would consider it unplayable. We’ll wait to see exactly what the game’s patches do when they finally arrive before passing final judgement on Agony though. But we can’t imagine it’ll end up being anything more than mediocre, which is disappointing considering how promising Agony looked before its release.