Everspace’s Encounters Expansion Makes a Great Game Even Better

Everspace Encounters 1

How do you improve on greatness? Rockfish Games seems to know how.

Released last year, its roguelike space shooter Everspace was already pretty awesome. It was fun, exciting, deep, challenging; you know, all the words that make a game a winner. Then, while it already looked stunning on PC, it got Xbox One X enhanced. Believe me when I say that if you’ve got one of Microsoft’s mid-generation console refreshes and a 4K TV you need to see Everspace in action on it. It is stunning. Though you may want to play in standard HD in the long-term due to its increased framerate.

That’s all just an aside though; the purpose of what I’m writing is really to tell you about the game’s new Encounters expansion. Adding a considerable amount of new content to the game, it’s essential if you’ve ever found yourself engrossed in Everspace. And if you’ve not played the game at all yet, well, there has never been a better time to jump in.

Like any good expansion, Encounters offers you new ways to play and enjoy yourself. Six new primary and secondary weapons are thrown into the mix, allowing you to dispatch enemies with more variety than ever. More devices and consumables have been added, increasing your survivability while exploring deep space. And you can now visit G&B factory stations to upgrade and repair your ship mid-mission. That’s not all, either. Those who have grown tired of the appearance of the game’s ships will be pleased to find that five new skins have been added. Plus there’s an entirely new  ship in your hangar that doesn’t need credits to unlock: the Colonial Sentinel.

Big on content, small in price

Coming in at less than a tenner on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Everspace‘s Encounters expansion would be value for money even if the above is all that it offered. In all honesty, however, I’d count it all as an extra to the expansion’s real meat: new quest lines. If there was one criticism I could ever point at Everspace it’s that sometimes the game could feel a bit empty and uneventful. Not any more. The Encounters expansion throws in a handful of new characters who you’ll meet as you go about your normal Everspace adventuring. And they’re not just there to provide some idle chit-chat; they’re there to add yet more gameplay to Everspace‘s bones.

Everspace Encounters 2

You might be asked to fight your way into a space pirate hideout to free up a weapons cache, or hunt down a wanted space criminal. You don’t have to do what’s asked of you, but if you want to make friends and some credits on the side why wouldn’t you? The quests carry over through deaths, too; you don’t have to re-initiate them every time you play. Basically, the Encounters expansion makes Everspace a fuller, more action packed game. It makes every journey out of the hangar that bit more exciting, unpredictable and rewarding. Considering it was already all those things, that’s quite an achievement.

If, like me, you don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of epic games like Elite but want some enjoyable and deep space shooter action, I urge you to give Everspace and its Encounters expansion a try. And if you’ve already played Everspace and are on the fence about picking Encounters up, just do it. You won’t regret it, I’m sure.

The Encounters expansion for Everspace is available now. Don’t have Everspace? Read our review of the excellent roguelike space shooter.