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Five Switch Games That Deserve Nintendo Labo Support

2Mario Tennis Aces

Once upon a time in the not so distant past, I can recall Wii tennis rackets that lined brick and mortar stores the world round. It’s a simple idea, throwing the Wii’s motion-sensing controller into the handle of a tennis racket, one that evidently worked because I don’t know anyone who didn’t own one – besides me. After all, it helped games like Wii Sports feel just a touch closer to the real thing.

Since Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber’s very own tennis franchise has finally made it onto the Switch, what better game to carry on in that tradition? Set up could be a breeze, lodging the Switch’s Joycons snugly into a cardboard tennis racket handle and a quick update to the game could solve any controlling hiccups in the transition. All people would have to do is make sure they don’t throw those things into their televisions, again.