How Does Game Stars Solve a Cyber-Athlete’s Problems?

This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Game Stars

It might seem that making money on playing games is easy and sounds fun.

However, the cyber-athlete life requires discipline and persistence. Players are facing problems and obstacles during their path to success. The eSports industry is gaining popularity faster than it is adjusting to its new conditions. A lot of progress needs to be made as competition in the gaming market is growing rapidly.


Game Stars gaming platform is designed to help cyber-athletes to overcome those problems and reach success. There are major problems that all gamers face:

  • lack of funding for sportsman’s professional development
  • high entry barriers for new players
  • non-payment of prize money to winning teams
  • rights of sportsmen are not honoured

With the help of Game Stars, gamers are provided with various solutions:

  1. The platform issues a smart contract and 100 personal tokens for every player
  2. Players can raise funding by selling personal coins through a procedure called CICO. Raised money can be spent on the equipment, participation fees, coaches and more.
  3. Gamers have access to multiple tournaments, can develop professionally and raise their status in the gaming arena
  4. Terms and conditions of tournaments are powered by contracts. Rules cannot be changed as soon as the battle stars. Prize money is paid completely and in time

Game Stars helps players to make a living from gaming and makes it easier for newcomers to enter the gaming market. Contracts now are not just a piece of paper, but a digital document that protects gamer’s rights.

Lots of successful gamers have passed a long path to reach significant results. Lee Sang-hyeok, aka Faker, is probably one of the most well-known breakthroughs in esports. At the age of 17, Lee has become a part of the biggest esports team in Korea, SK Telecom. Faker led the team to win their first League of Legends World Championship. He’s one of only two League of Legends players to win three World titles. One more famous cyber-athlete – Lee Young Ho (Flash) – is a highest-earning Starcraft player and holds the record for the highest rating of all time. These gamers were lucky to join great game teams and showed outstanding performance, but it was not easy and required a lot of work.

Game Stars wants to provide players with all resources needed to become next Faker and Flash. The project’s team has launched a separate website for gamers where players can register and find sponsors.

The project is currently holding the Token Sale. In order to participate and find out more about the platform, visit the official website. Subscribe to accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Telegram chat and stay tuned.