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How to Save Your Game in Vampyr

Vampyr 15

Being an open world game, it’s nice to know that your progress is saved in Vampyr when you want to turn it off for a rest.

The good news is that Vampyr has a fairly robust autosave feature. In fact, it tends to save right after every important choice you make, ensuring that once you’ve made your bed you have to lie in it. There’s no creating multiple save slots here, giving you an easy get out of jail card when things go south.

While Vampyr autosaves upon making decisions and moving between areas, however, if you want to make sure your game is saved before you turn it off it’s wise to seek out and visit one of the numerous safe houses spread across the game’s map. New safe houses are unlocked as you explore London; keep a eye out for rats scurrying around which indicates that one is near. To access them you’ll generally to use your ability to warp to a higher level, and they’re recognisable by their red doors.

Visiting a safe house saves your game automatically; it’s impossible to actually manually save your game. While you’re in a safe house its also possible to replenish the ammo for any guns that you’re carrying, craft and upgrade items, and more importantly, rest to evolve your skills.

Vampyr is quite a large game, and the last thing you want is to have lost a bit of progress when you return to it. So, visit safe houses whenever you’re near one and when you’re thinking of turning the game off for a while. It pays dividends in the long run.

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