Owlboy Feels At Home on Nintendo Switch

We have already showered Owlboy with its well-deserved praise, but with the recent Switch release, we thought we’d see how the port was.

I have not had the opportunity to play the wonderful Owlboy until just recently on the Switch, and I’m quite happy I waited until then. This is exactly the kind of game the Switch lives for.

It’s got the charm and world design that feels at home on a Nintendo console. Everything from the characters, to the music, to the animation feels as though it’s been crafted specifically for Nintendo, and I’m so glad it finally got to the eShop. I’m absolutely loving the game and it’s bringing me back to the glory days of platforming and adventure titles that take you away to magical places. Having it on a portable console makes it all that much better.

Owlboy has definitely lived up to the hype I’ve heard from friends and reviews, and I think it’s finally found its true home now that it’s on the Nintendo Switch.

The game doesn’t feel or play any differently than its other ports, but it feels fantastic. The exceptional art and animation excels on the Switch and suffers from no setbacks since it’s not graphically heavy. If you’re yet to try Owlboy, I venture to say that the Switch version is the version you should buy. Nintendo Switch thrives on a lot of the ports it receives, apart from its obviously great internal collection, so it’s very pleasing to see such a perfect title grace its catalogue.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say about what Owlboy is like on the Switch that we haven’t covered in our review. Try it. Play it. Love it. Wherever you decide to download it, just make sure to give its due time. It really is a great title, at home on a stellar console.