Prey is the Latest Game to be Xbox One X Enhanced

Prey Mooncrash 3

People asked and Bethesda listened: Prey is now Xbox One X enhanced.

It has actually been Xbox One X enhanced for about a week now; while it wasn’t mentioned at Bethesda’s E3 conference, the patch arrived alongside the excellent Mooncrash DLC for the title. So what does it do? Quite a bit actually.

Prey’s Xbox One X patch dramatically improves the game’s resolution, though it unfortunately doesn’t run at native 4K. It also improves texture filtering, lighting and some other special effects. Basically, it looks better then ever. More importantly, however, it runs better then ever on Xbox One too. While there are still some stutters while new areas are being loaded, the framerate is much more consistent, making gameplay much more enjoyable.

If you’ve not yet played Prey and own an Xbox One X, there has never been a better time to do so. It’s now available at a bargain price, and it really is a great game. Read our reviews of the base game and its Mooncrash DLC to find out why.