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Racing Offline in ONRUSH is Second to its Excellent Photo Mode

It’s not quite the same as DriveClub’s excellent photo mode, but it’s for a completely different type of racing.

The freedom within ONRUSH’s photo mode is great. Pausing the game to capture something usually results in at least three pictures per pause. You think something would look nice around your vehicle, but elsewhere the other 11 drivers are getting into all sorts of mischief worth photographing. You could pause ONRUSH at any second and there will always be something interesting to screenshot.

The ex-Evolution Studios devs who worked on ONRUSH were previously part of the DriveClub team, and it shines through the photo mode. It has everything you need in a photo mode: it’s easily laid out, offers intuitive feedback, and every image is cleaned up before being capture. Much like DriveClub, there’s a system in place to render some extra bells and whistles when the camera is still. It all culminates in the best photo mode since DriveClub – albeit with a markedly different tone. Here it’s the arcade racer crash ‘em smash ‘em tone, and on every track ONRUSH is a colourful marvel.

The breadth of cosmetics in ONRUSH means that every vehicle in your race will have a unique style; bodywork is always an interesting facet to look at through the lens of the photo mode. Taking images of that same bodywork but smashed to pieces also imbues cool looking shots. For me, the racing itself becomes secondary in ONRUSH offline; it’s an added feature to a game about taking pictures of cars smashing into each other.

Similarly to DriveClub, I’ve been surprised by the beauty of the tracks themselves. There may not be any options to change the weather or time of day, but the tracks are still packed with points of interest and generally alluring vistas. The developers’ work on the detail of rain on bodywork is still stunning. Paired with the array of colours – regardless of the filter – this all creates vividly colourful tracks to showcase with the photo mode.

As usual, below are some of the pics we took in the Xbox One version of ONRUSH. I’ll be sure to take more in the future whenever I play any ONRUSH, and any new tracks added I’ll have a look at through the photo mode lens on their release. Photo modes continue to be low-key the best feature to emerge from this generation. What you get from ONRUSH’s iteration is the most colourful one available.

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