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These Are Our E3 2018 Highlights

Now E3 is winding down for another year, we’re left to reflect on everything that’s been announced and showed off during each of the conferences.

As always, each conference was a veritable smorgasbord of trailers and announcements. Some were brand new, others we’d seen before.And naturally, some excited us more than others. Here at GameSpew, we’ve got together and picked out the announcements and events that made up the highlights of E3 2018 for us.

For Honor‘s new content

For Honor China

Joseph: As Roman Campos-Oriola took to the stage, the sudden swell of renewed energy and enthusiasm from the audience was unmistakable. It was clear that people were hungry to see more For Honor. The game has come a long way since launch, and now it’s going to catapult to the next level. Introducing an entire new faction hailing from Ancient China, as well as a radical new game mode “Breach”, which is an answer to fans’ long cry for a siege game-type, it’s clear the devs are nowhere near done with the game, and neither are we. For Honor has been kept alive by its dedicated fan base, which have played it week in week out since launch, and it was a real pleasure to see those fans rewarded and thanked by Ubisoft with stunning new content. I, for one, will be sharpening my Dao blade, and joining the melee.

Forza Horizon 4‘s announcement

Kim: We knew it was coming, but seeing Forza Horizon 4 in action has just reminded me of why Playground Games’ biannual arcade racer is worth getting excited for. This time set in our homelands of Britain, it looks more beautiful than ever. Add in the improved online functionality and the awesome-sounding season system, and it’s set to be the best Forza Horizon ever. And considering how much we loved Forza Horizon 3, that’s going to be quite a feat – but I’m confident.

That Death Stranding trailer

Joseph: One of the most hotly anticipated games of all time, the mystery of Death Stranding is still as compelling as it ever was, although now we do have some answers to questions posed in the trailers, and what’s more, long awaited gameplay. From what we saw in our eight minutes with Death Stranding, it’s flawlessly beautiful, and not just in terms of its landscape: incredible animations and motion capture make the characters and environment feel compellingly real. We saw some gripping stealth action, too, which is Kojima’s raison d’etre, and seems to quite rightly make up the backbone of the gameplay. I, for one, will not be missing this experience for the world.

Gears 5 announcement

Gears 5-min

Richard: I’ve loved the Gears of War series ever since that amazing trailer for the original game. Gears 5 looks to be stepping up the game after Gears of War 4 pretty much perfected the old formula, however, which makes me eager for its arrival. It seems like it’ll have a semi-open world, new enemies and new melee combat options. They’ll do nicely as we’re once again pulled into its story and online action.

Maneater, aka the game where you eat people as a shark


Chris: I had a half-eaten whale of a time with Jaws Unleashed and, given Majesco’s hokey-cokey style approach to the games market, had given up any chance of getting a sequel. Maneater looks set to offer everything I could have wanted from Jaws Unleashed 2. We only got a glimpse, but it looks to be filled with shark-based stealth, gore, and sheer glorious swimmer-munching mayhem.

The reveal of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Joseph: We all eagerly awaited the next title from FromSoftware after the magnificent Dark Souls III, but I don’t think any of us expected to see something so soon. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice looks like a cross between Nioh, Dark Souls and Batman: Arkham Asylum, and none of that is a bad thing. With outrageous grappling hook combat, traditional feudal Japanese swordplay, and eerie, mythical dimensions, Sekiro promises prove one hell of a ride. Whilst it looks like it will be a much faster paced game than any Souls title so far, it still bears all the hallmarks of Miyazaki’s deft, nuanced touch.

Resident Evil 2‘s announcement

Resident Evil 2-min

Robert: Resident Evil 2 must be one of the greatest games as it was filled with a dense amount of terror, traps and complicated puzzles, all of which, based on the E3 2018 demo, are going to be brought to modern era. I am so excited as the iconic police station looks lovingly recreated and I can’t wait to explore Raccoon City in HD. I’m also looking forward to how this game differs from the original – the gameplay trailer shows us new ways to play and slight alterations on the original, making it a fresh experience in a familiar setting. I’m also moving in with an old university friend just before its January release date and we bonded over the original. Fate or what?

Doom Eternal‘s reveal

Doom Eternal-min

Chris: As wonderful as the original (well, the reboot) Doom was, the prospect of fending off a satanic invasion of earth fills me with joy. As does the notion of wiping the smug, robotic smile off Samuel Hayden’s face for thoroughly screwing you over at the end of the last game.

Trials Rising‘s announcement

Trials Rising-min

Kim: Alright! I love Trials, and so knowing that a new game is on the horizon is music to my ears. It’d have been better if Ubisoft and Red Lynx had gone and done the whole “oh, and it’s out right now!” like they did a couple years ago with Trials of the Blood Dragon, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The Elder Scrolls VI tease

Elder Scrolls VI-min

Robert: Like most people with a gaming bone in their body, I’m excited for Elder Scrolls VI. We didn’t see much, but what we did see looks like High Rock to me, meaning I (hopefully) finally get to play as a Breton and not feel out of place.

Remedy’s P7 unveiled as Control


Richard: Has Remedy ever made a poor game? No. That’s the answer, and I don’t think it’s going to be doing so anytime soon. The trailer for Control shows a game that looks very much like Quantum Break, which already sells it to me. With the news that it has metroidvania aspects with you gaining access to new areas within the gigantic building that it’s set in, however, it has shot to the top end of my imaginary hotly anticipated titles list.

Andrew WK opening Bethesda’s conference

Andrew WK-min

Jack: Party Hard, or don’t. Look, Andrew WK belted out that song, but some of the crowd shots were the funniest moments of E3 2018. No one was really sure what to do, so some politely nodded along. But the guy in the headphones who looked like he’d gone “to hell with this! I’ll listen to my own music!”? Classic.

Also as I am in the UK, I’m grateful Bethesda gave us an alarm for that 2:30am start with Andrew WK.

The gameplay trailer for The Last of Us: Part 2

Last of Us 2-min

Chris: Like many, I loved The Last of Us and even though I didn’t feel it absolutely needed a sequel, it looks like Naughty Dog have made the right decision having Joel take a back seat. My joy at seeing Ellie finally have a moment of true happiness was undercut by the uncomfortable sensation that Dina, Ellie’s tonsil-tennis partner, will die just to reinforce how miserable The Last of Us‘ world is.

Finally getting a trailer for Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077-min

Jack: A first-person RPG set in a city that looks extraneously detailed, and it’s by CD Projekt Red? Yes please and thank you. Interviews with a couple of the team revealed mega buildings you can enter with multiple floors and areas to explore. Judgement time.

Spider-Man gameplay actually looking fun


Kim: I’ve been fairly nonplussed by Spider-Man so far. I mean, it looked OK, it’s Insomniac Games so it’d probably be fine, but I wasn’t in a rush to play it or anything. But then Sony unleashed that gameplay trailer at the end of their conference, and it looked brilliant. Even in my sleep-deprived state (it was 3.30am), it looked a hell of a lot of fun. No overly complicated gimmicks; just straight-up, enjoyable gameplay. I’m suddenly very excited to swing around New York on a piece of web.

The song used in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit‘s trailer

Captain Spirit-min

Jack: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit looks adorable, but what made it for me was a surprise Sufjan Stevens track for the trailer. Then I realised the track chosen, and it being from that album, and realised we could all be in for a bit of a cry from this new, free title from Dontnod. (If you’re not a Sufjan Stevens fan, the album in question is called Carrie & Lowell. It’s centred around the death of Sufjan’s mother, and his battle with grief.)

Ninja Theory Being Acquired by Microsoft


Richard: While I’m happy for all the companies that have been taken in by Microsoft, and equally so that Microsoft is bolstering its first-party efforts, I’m overjoyed that Ninja Theory will now be able to fully stretch its wings. I’ve loved pretty much all of Ninja Theory’s games: Kung Fu Chaos, Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, DmC. It was Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice that really showed us what the company is capable of though, and with Microsoft behind them on their next endeavour, I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Dying Light 2‘s trailer

Dying Light 2-min

Jack: What we saw of this game looks like everything Techland has been building towards since the first Dead Island. The first Dying Light built on what they’d learnt from the Dead Island titles, and now Dying Light 2 looks to improve on all of it. It also comes with Chris Avellone as narrative designer – a man with an impressive repertoire of writer credits.

Overcooked 2‘s announcement

Overcooked 2-min

Matt: Overcooked 2 is the most surprising and pleasant announcement at E3 for me. The first game was such a blast and caught me off guard. I’m very happy to see online multiplayer coming for the sequel – I really think it’ll help get this game out there to the masses, as it should be.

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