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This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #1

Crew 2 Header

The sun may be blazing outside, but that doesn’t stop the GameSpew team from being knee-deep in their favourite games. Games are what we do, you know?

Every Friday, we’ll do a quick run-down of the games we’ve been playing in the week, along with highlighting some of the best features and articles we’ve recently run.

Want to get in touch and let us know what you’ve been playing this week? Tweet us @game_spew. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Kim: Mine and Rich’s consoles live in the attic room, and British summertime is full-on scorchio right now – and if you’ve got a loft conversion you’ll know those things are impenetrable fortresses of crippling heat in summer. So I’ve mostly been playing on my Switch in the moderately cool comfort of the living room while he’s claimed the big TV.

I reminded myself how much fun Jumping Joe & Friends is, played some Lost in Harmony, a rhythm game-meets-endless runner that’s new to Switch, and played through Figment. Which I absolutely loved. I’ve also been trying to put in time with Mario Tennis Aces, but I’m struggling to engage with it. I’ll persevere over the weekend, so look for a review from me next week. And, like I wrote earlier, I’ve been wrestling with a newfound addiction to tacky mobile games. Please help me.

Figment (released this week on Switch)

Rich: This week I’ve been mostly playing racing games. When I’ve not been throwing a bike around a muddy track in MXGP Pro, I’ve been driving around America like a maniac in The Crew 2. While MXGP Pro is a good game, it’s The Crew 2 that has really won me over. It reminds me of Forza Horizon 3 a lot, which can only be a good thing. I’ll have a full review of it next week.

In my spare time, whatever that is, I’ve been smashing people to smithereens in Onrush. Honestly, I love Onrush. Since launch, I’ve played it nearly every day. And while it sometimes makes me swear at the screen, it always keeps me going back for more. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops over time.

Onrush 1
Onrush – addictive as ever

Becca: This week, I’ve been playing oodles of God of War. Now that I’ve reached the point in the game where I’ve got a couple of side quests, I haven’t done anything to move forward in the story in a while, and I love it. And I’ve fallen in love with Kratos as a father: still strict and angry, but you can tell that he’s trying.

I also got the chance to finally complete Detroit: Become Human. I wasn’t a huge fan of Quantic Dream’s last game Beyond: Two Souls so I was a little apprehensive, but boy did it deliver. Detroit is a powerfully dramatic and politically fuelled adventure that I’ll be playing over and over again to try to unlock all of the possible endings.

Detroit: Become Human

Jack: Post E3, there’s been renewed interest in Warframe. Streamers have started playing it for the first time, and it’s now a regular go to game for them so I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. I’m seven hours into it, still waiting for that hook. At the moment I’m going mission by mission and auto assigning mods. The bad shooty aliens are dying, so I guess I’m doing good? On top of that there are a lot of systems to get your head around with little to no explanation – What is this?!?! A JRPG!?!??!

I’ve also played through Dontnod’s free Life is Strange 2 demo, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. When I reviewed this earlier in the week I cursed Dontnod repeatedly for its annoyingly long title. What certainly isn’t long is the game itself, but it’s a pleasant couple of hours in an engaging world. The imagination of a child is a wonderful thing, and I can’t wait to see Captain Spirit in Avengers 6: The World is Just A Mess Now Part 2.

Captain Spirit-min
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – released for free this week on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Chris: I’ve been driving around in Jalopy, selling blackmarket cigarettes and dealing with beige idiots who can’t handle the concept of overtaking. Look out for my thoughts on the game next week. I’ve also been solving crimes in the most suave manner possible in the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2. It’s a crying shame that this game never got an official western release, but the effort that’s been put into this shows the love that exists for Miles “Magnificent Bastard” Edgeworth.


Matt: I’ve played a decent amount of Destiny 2. With anticipation building for Forsaken and Faction Rallies going on, I feel like there are more reasons than ever in D2 to get on the grind. Other than that, I’ve been playing a fair amount of Wizard of Legend because that game is just too much fun. It really keeps you coming back time and again. It’s so smooth and energetic.

Wizard of Legend

Robert: This week has had the conclusion of the group stages of the world cup. For a football fan like myself, this leaves very little time for gaming. However, I’ve still managed to get a Fallout binge on. Ever since E3 and the announcement of Fallout 76 I’ve got myself back into the various wastelands of post apocalyptic USA.

I have created a new luck-based build in Fallout 4 that specialises critical hits and heavy use of VATs. Though, what I have been playing more than ever is Fallout Shelter, the mobile game that was released some three years ago. I got into it back then but found that it didn’t offer much past the first few days. That has changed over the years with added equipment, pets and most notably quests. Venturing outside your vault greatly expands the gameplay and longevity of Fallout Shelter. Basically, it’s now the perfect game to play at half time.

Fallout Shelter