11The Best RPGs on PlayStation One

Looking back, it’s pretty safe to say that as a fan of role playing games, the PlayStation One era was when they were at their peak.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that games just weren’t as popular as they are now, many of the best titles hailing from Japan weren’t localised for the Western market, and even those that were often didn’t see a release outside of America.

With consoles being region locked back then, European PlayStation One owners were left well and truly up shit creek unless they got their systems illegally modified to play pretty much anything and everything. Those that didn’t however, would still find that over the console’s lifetime, enough RPGs were localised to keep them entertained for years, with many said titles finding a place in their hearts and minds forevermore.

Here we have a list of 10 such games: RPGs for the PlayStation One that stood above all others to be the best of the best. Titles that we still remember fondly today, and probably will do until the day we die. So without further ado, we present to you GameSpew’s top 10 PlayStation One RPGs released in Europe. Enjoy!