You Can Buy a Steam Link For Just £2 in the Steam Sale

The things were £40 when they first released, but now you can grab a Steam Link for just £2 thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. You can’t even buy a coffee that cheap!

Steam Link is a small black box that you can plug into any TV in your house. It wirelessly connects to your computer and your Steam library, allowing you to stream your games to another TV regardless of where your PC is set up.

In theory, it’s a brilliant idea. But unless you’ve got a superfast internet connection, it’s likely to leave your games laggy and low quality. But if you’ve got a decent broadband connection, we’d wager it’s certainly worth a punt for £2.


Well, once shipping is factored in, it’s a little more than £2. Valve wants to charge you £7.40 for shipping, bringing the total to £9.40. But that’s still only a fraction of the original cost. You can also buy one together with a Steam Controller for £27.35, plus £10.10 shipping.

If you’ve ever fancied giving Steam Link a try, it seems like now’s the best time. It’s purchasable directly from Steam.

We’ll have more Steam Summer Sale highlights soon, so do keep an eye on GameSpew for the best bargains.