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2Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Release date: 26th January 2018
Available on: PS4 and Xbox One
Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Jack: Oddly enough, there’s a lot about Monster Hunter World I really don’t like. This boils down to what is almost a feature of the JRPG: barely anything is explained. Two weeks before a wedding I was horrendously anxious about, the groom introduced me to a couple of his friends from University through Monster Hunter World. One of those people in particular I now consider one of my closest friends, the wedding went great and I partly thank Monster Hunter World for both of those outcomes.

But regardless, once Monster Hunter World gets your claws into you and you get your head around its oft-convoluted systems, there’s no letting go. Assisting each other in our quest for materials to upgrade weaponry was great fun. The amount of time we spent on a couple of the elder dragons gave a great feeling of pride and accomplishment when we defeated them; it took me back to my early raiding days. Had I not been playing with friends, I doubt I would have played past the 10 hour mark, but in the end I had 80+ hours clocked into Monster Hunter World, and if I spend that many hours in a game, it must be doing something right.