Challenges and Growth Opportunities for Online Rummy in 2018

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Online rummy is one of the fastest-growing online games in India. According to a report released in 2016 by FICCI KPMG, the Indian gaming industry is estimated at INR 26.5 billion and is expected to grow to INR 50.7 billion by the year 2020. The most interesting part of this fact is that approximately 40% is expected to be contributed by free online rummy games alone. There are of course tremendous growth opportunities in this gaming segment, but it’s not without its challenges, too.

Below we lay out some of the biggest opportunities for the sector to grow, along with the challenges that need to be faced along the way.

Growth opportunities

  • Mobile phones – the growth platform: Mobile phones have not only revolutionised the way we communicate, but are impacting our lives in many other ways. Today, India has the second highest number of smartphone users in the world, just after China. In the year 2018 alone, the number of smartphone users in India is expected to touch 530 million users. Availability of budget-friendly smartphones, competitive data plans, and improved data services have seen mobile phones gaining immense popularity as a gaming platform, leaving behind the traditional platforms like PCs and consoles. Popular rummy websites have witnessed a steep increase in the number of rummy game download and their mobile rummy app users in the recent past.
  • Charting new success stories: The impressive growth metrics of some of the reputed Indian online gaming startups have paved the way for potential growth opportunities in the gaming segment. While many technology and services-based startups are yet to find their success mantra, online rummy portals have successfully established their presence in the digital space. With the rapid growth in their user base, they are showing the paths of success to their counterparts from other industries.
  • The Rummy Federation (TRF): The setting up of a self-regulatory body is one of the most positive moves in the recent times. With the purpose of bringing in regulation into the industry besides protecting rummy players’ interest, TRF aims at planning growth initiatives for the rummy industry along with the technological advancements and the changing preferences of the rummy players.


  • Technological advancements: One of the biggest challenges for online rummy websites is to keep pace with the changing technological landscape. They need to constantly explore possible avenues to implement emerging technologies in order to have an edge over competitors. Established rummy players have already deployed Big Data and Machine Learning in order to draw insights on player preferences and provide for the customised gaming experience. However, the road ahead is even more challenging than one could anticipate.
  • Security: One of the crucial aspects of player protection is providing a safe and secure gaming platform. In the year 2018, the biggest challenge for the online rummy websites would be to provide for the safety of player’s personal information and secure all online transactions made on their website. Rummy websites are ensuring they have a highly safe and secure gaming platform that is robust enough and not prone to any cyber-attacks.

Progressing with the same growth momentum, the online rummy industry is expected to reach great heights by the end of the year 2018.