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Darwin Project is Now Free to Play on Xbox One

Want another free-to-play battle royal game? Here you go!

Darwin Project from Scavengers Studio has been available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Preview Program for a while – but you’ve had to part with money if you wanted to get in on the action. Not anymore. As of today, you can play it for free.

If you’ve already purchased Darwin Project, fear not; you’ll have been gifted a Founder’s Pack as a thank you for your support. The Founder’s Pack contains 10 fan gifts along with two legendary outfits, three legendary axes, three legendary bows and a full jumpsuit collection.

For the uninitiated, Darwin Project is a post-apocalyptic battle royale game that tasks its players with surviving both the cold of the Northern Canadian Rockies and their opponents’ incoming attacks. Like other games of its ilk, the goal is to be the last person standing. And that means reigning victorious over other players in whatever way possible.

Now it’s free, there’s no reason not to give it a go. There’s more than just Fortnite and PUBG out there, surprisingly enough. For more information about Darwin Project, visit its official website.

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