Dontnod’s Vampyr to Get Two New Modes

Vampyr 1

If you haven’t yet sunk your teeth in Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr, there might be a compelling reason to do by the end of summer.

It’s no secret that by default Vampyr is quite a challenging game, and for those who’d like to enjoy its dark, detailed world in a more relaxed manner, a new ‘Story’ difficulty mode is going to be added. Taking some of the bite out of the game’s combat, it’ll allow players to enjoy Vampyr without being frustrated quite as often.

On the flipside, a new Hard difficulty mode is also going to find its way into the game. Increasing the difficulty of the combat, it’ll make improving the quality of citizens’ blood more enticing before you feed on them. Suffice to say, Hard mode will only be for the brave.


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