Embrace Your Rebellious Side in Stealth/Strategy Game Vandals

Everyone goes through a rebellious phase, right?

So we commit acts of rebellion. Wearing all black, dyeing your hair green, writing “butts” on your school desk, that kind of thing. Haha, butts.

And that’s what the puzzle stealth game Vandals encourages you to do. Except rather than drawing a ludicrous picture of your teacher with big ears and passing it around the classroom, it allows you to make your mark out on the streets.


Vandals is a turn-based infiltration game from developers Cosmografik, Novelab and Ex Nihilo. Set in Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Berlin and New York, it’s inspired by real world graffiti artists. A large portion of Vandals’ gameplay involves making your own graffiti. You start off each level with a spot nearby in mind for your art, whether it be a parked truck or wall down a back alley.

Around you are bonuses to pick up and police officers to avoid. You must move your character forward one step at a time in order to reach your “canvas” and get out. In order to help avoid the cops, grab the bonus and plant your mark, you’ll have to use strategy and careful thinking – that means throwing a bottle to distract nearby officers, for example.

Once you’ve managed to get past the police you’re then given a blank canvas, so to speak, to paint a picture on. You’re given a few different colours, an eraser, and a size option for your spray radius. In the photo above you can see I’ve gone with a creepy eye, the quote “We are watching” along with my calling card across the front. Vandals allows you complete control of your graffiti and can give those with a creative mind quite a few hours of fun.

With 60 puzzles to solve, five different locations, and an imaginative new look at the strategy/stealth genre, players are sure to enjoy everything Vandals has to offer. The puzzles get trickier and trickier as you move forward, but in spite of this the game is still a hard one to walk away from. Get your creative juices flowing and go check out Vandals now on iOS, Android, and Steam.