Even on Mars, People Drive Like Assholes

Red Faction Guerrilla 3

If you own a car and frequently drive, you’ll be all too aware that people drive like assholes. It turns out that things aren’t much different on Mars.

I experienced just how bad people are at driving on Mars while recently playing Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered. A little into the game, I was running through an area known as the Badlands. It’s quite a barren location, and when I saw a building in the distance I made a beeline for it.

There were seemingly no vehicles around me. In fact, the area seemed deathly quiet. As I edged closer to the building, however, I heard a faint rumbling from behind me. It didn’t really worry me; the area was flat and expansive, there was no danger of being run over I thought. How wrong could I have been. Give the 30 second clip below a watch to see what happened next.

That’s right. Out of nowhere some asshole just runs me over. Incredulous to what just happened, I get up and approach the imbecile only for him to casually get out of the vehicle and walk off. Honestly, no shits were given on his part.

The takeaway from this: you can take man off of Earth and put them on Mars, but they’ll still drive like idiots. Guess it makes sense.