Free-to-Play Platformer Starlit Adventures is Just Lovely

In a starless sky there is little light, and nothing to guide your way home.

On a dark day when the evil Nuru steals all of the stars in the sky, the adorable Starlits – star-nosed creatures who are only happy when the stars are shining – are deeply saddened. In Starlit Adventures it’s up to Starkeeper Bo and his Starlit Kikki to find where Nuru has hidden the stars and return them safely in order to restore peace.

Starlit Adventures is a free-to-play puzzle platformer from Rockhead Games. You play as Bo and Kikki in over 60 levels divided into eight unique worlds. In each level, Kikki must dig through the ground to find as much treasure as she can while they both fight off dangerous enemies. The main goal is, of course, to find the missing stars. The main mechanic is digging but, depending on what outfit you’re wearing, you’ll also have the ability to shoot arrows, drop bombs, fly, and more. Each level grows more challenges as you dig deeper into the ground, but you’ll hardly notice from all the fun you’ll be having.


There are many bonus features included in Starlit Adventures, such as unlocking different costumes and using coins to buy sticker packs. Sticker packs are then used like jigsaw puzzle pieces to fill in pictures in your sticker album.

It’s a free-to-play game, so of course there are some in-game purchases – but you don’t really have to spend any money to enjoy the game to its fullest. The coins are mostly used for bonus outfits or more sticker packs if you wish. I never felt like I needed to spend a few dollars on more coins. The game really does give you enough.

Starlit Adventures is a little gem that I’m happy to have played. It’s something very laid back that I can see myself going back to again and again for some relaxing puzzling. The characters are cute, the puzzles are fun, and the world is really well made. I highly recommend picking up Starlit Adventures, originally on mobile platforms only, but now available on PS4.