Garage: Bad Trip is One Hell of a Ride

Coming to Steam later this week, Garage: Bad Trip is one hell of a ride.

It released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, but somehow slipped under my radar. I’m disappointed it did, because after spending a couple of hours with it at my PC last night, I was blown away. It’s crazy, chaotic, action-packed and a hell of a lot of fun – if you’ve got the stomach for it.

A top-down shooter with an 80s B-movie aesthetic, Garage never lets up. After playing through an eerily quiet opening segment, you know there’s going to be some shit waiting for you around a corner. You’re not wrong. A bizarre tale of drug addiction, scientific experiments gone wrong, and zombies, the game is all-out crazy. Moving from room to room, kicking doors open as you go, you never quite know what’s going to be waiting for you. And that suspense is part of what makes Garage so intoxicating.

The game’s absolutely stellar soundtrack only adds to the trip. You’ll want to wear headphones if you want to get seriously engaged, but it’s damn freaky. Dark, loud notes give way to ominous atmospheric tones. Taking inspiration from classic horror films of previous decades, it sets the mood perfectly.

Action-packed game sequences are interrupted briefly by story cutscenes, revealing more about the bizarre world that Garage is set in. Primarily a top-down shooter, you’ll be exploring the shadowy halls of an underground parking lot. Except… it’s not quite what it appears. You’ll come up against giant rabid rats, crazed zombie-like humans out for your blood, deadly pits of fire and, er, a human centipede. Oh, and watch out for random pills, because the last thing you need right now is a bad drug trip.

It’s also got perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing opening credit scene of any game I’ve ever played:

If you’re a fan of top-down shooters and enjoy a bit of 80s-inspired grindhouse, then Garage: Bad Trip is well worth picking up. It’ll be available on PC from Friday, and it’s on Switch right now.