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How to 100% The King of Pyropuff Peak in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

If you’ve played any platformer/puzzle game, you know it can be hard to beat those pesky boss battles. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is no exception.

When you reach level 10 of Nintendo’s adorable game now available on Switch, you’ll be forced to do battle with the dragon lurking in Pyropuff Peak. Well, you won’t actually do much battling; you’ll be ducking and weaving and, of course, treasure tracking. Here’s how to get everything in The King of Pyropuff Peak.

The Mighty Dragon

There’s nothing too terribly complicated about the dragon himself as he only has one form of attack. Every few seconds, he blows puffs of pink fire in a half circle shape towards Toad.

Placed throughout the level are walls and moving platforms for the player to hide behind. So long as Toad isn’t out in the open when the dragon spits out fire, you’ll be safe and sound.

When you reach a ladder the situation is the same. Platforms are placed strategically so that the player can, if they’re careful, avoid being hit while going up and down ladders. Things get a bit more complicated when trying to collect all the items, but if you take it slow (especially during the lava parts) you’re sure to beat the dragon in no time.

Diamonds, coins, and Pixel Toad

When the battle starts, make your way around the circular room to the second wall where you can hide from the dragon’s attacks. Pull the plants sticking out of the ground here for a couple of coins. Continue around the circle until you see a set of stairs. Feel free to hide behind the wall right next to the stairs in order to avoid the fire.

When it’s safe, run up the stairs, grab the diamond, and run back down to dodge the flames. Or, if you’re feeling confident, jump off the ledge at the end of the stairs and sprint to the platform right before the first ladder.

Next, you’ll go up one ladder, avoiding flames as you go, until you reach a second ladder. Before going up the ladder, go behind it where you’ll see a moving ladder with platforms. Grab onto the ladder and collect four more coins and the second diamond.

If you’re playing Pixel Toad mode, Pixel Toad is located at the top of this moving ladder. Tap on him to complete Pixel Toad mode for this level.

Keep climbing, Captain Toad

Continuing on, go back to the previous ladder, climb on up and walk up the stairs to the right for a mushroom and some coins. If the flames get too close, jump off the ledge in front of the stairs for a quick getaway. Moving forward, go up another ladder and pull the plants for the third diamond and even more coins.

The next part can get a bit tricky as you’ll be dodging fire and lava coming from the ceiling, so take your time. After going up the next ladder grab the plant a few times for those lovely lovely shiny gold coins and jump off the ledge to the right for even more. Avoid the lava and fire, pull the final plant, and jump onto the ladder at the very end to claim your final prize!

The important thing to remember on level 10 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is that time management is key. I recommend doing the level the first time around without worrying about getting all of the items. That way you can learn what you’re up against without having to dodge through the fire and flames for some of that extra cash.

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