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How to Access the From the Ashes DLC In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes 2

Released earlier this year, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a huge game with tons of content.

If you’ve been playing it avidly, however, you might be running out of things to do. But don’t fret, a new piece of DLC called From the Ashes is now available that adds yet more reason to go back to the game.

From the Ashes allows you to become the bailiff of a new village, developing it as you see fit. While initially it will just be a barren piece of land, eventually you’ll build a place where you can drink, play and relax. You can even have a comfortable night’s sleep in your own furnished house there. What a luxury! Accessing the DLC isn’t as simple as clicking on an option on the main menu though.

Better enjoyed on a new playthrough

Integrated into the game rather well, Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s From the Ashes is best enjoyed on a new playthrough. Giving you a regular supply of income, you can jump into it during the game’s epilogue if you wish, but it won’t be as enjoyable or beneficial. In any case, to access the DLC you first need to have completed the main story quest called Baptism of Fire.

To re-jog your memory, the Baptism of Fire quest is the one in which you quash a settlement of bandits and Cumans in the ruins of Pribyslavitz. Upon completing the mission a screen should pop up telling you that the DLC is now activated, but you’ll still have some work to do before you can go about redeveloping the land.

Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes 1

How to start it

To start the From the Ashes questline, you’ll need to travel to Talmberg and talk to Sir Divish. He’ll express concerns that the Locator he sent to assess the viabilty of rebuilding at Pribyslavitz hasn’t been in contact with him, and of course, you’ll offer to help. Heading back to Pribyslavitz you’ll find that there are still some bandits there; clear them out and you’ll find the locator tied up in one of the tents.

After freeing the locator, the redevelopment of Pribyslavitz can begin. You’ll need a lot of groschen to restore it to its former glory but it’ll be worth it. Who wouldn’t like to earn in excess of a thousand groschen per day?

The From the Ashes DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available now for £7.99/$9.99.

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