Past Cure’s Latest Patch Aims to Be a Panacea

Past Cure 2

Released earlier this year, Phantom 8 Studio’s Past Cure squandered a lot of potential.

Before launch I’d tried a small demo of the title and came away rather impressed by its blend of stealth, puzzles and Silent Hill-esque horror elements. The full game did not live up to my expectations in any way, however.

Action sequences were drawn out, making the game feel repetitive and dull, while the protagonist’s supernatural powers felt wasted. What really ruined it for me though were the forced stealth sections, which I found to be pretty much unbearable. In fact, I quit playing the game because of them.


For those who bought the game, however, there’s good news; it’s being somewhat fixed. Available now on PC and coming to PS4 and Xbox One soon, the v2 patch for Past Cure aims to address many of the issues raised by reviewers and players. It’s essentially a soft relaunch of the game.

You can view the complete patch notes over on Steam, but I’ll highlight some of the major changes right here. A new ability has been added – Mind Bash – which allows you to interact with objects and even stun enemies. And using Mind Fly now creates a bulletproof shield around your character. Alongside these changes, the sanity system has also been reworked to avoid players abusing their powers.

Levels have been revised, too. They’ve been made less linear, and now have a little more variety to them. Even better, there are no more forced stealth sections. Being spotted in the notorious Hotel level now presents you with a timer, giving you the opportunity to kill all of the enemies in the area rather than simply taking you back to your last checkpoint.

And finally, there are also some story tweaks and bug fixes. Basically, those playing Past Cure on PC will now find that it loads quicker, is more enjoyable to play, and is better presented. Hopefully, PS4 and Xbox One gamers won’t have to wait too long for the update to arrive. It certainly makes the world of Past Cure worth revisiting once again.