Roguelike Devious Dungeon is Devilishly Fun

When I first sat down to play Devious Dungeon I figured I’d play for a couple of hours and then I’d be done with it.

Boy, was I wrong. Devious Dungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler from developer Ratalaika Games. It started out as a mobile app, but has since made its way to PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch. It has a retro feel to it with a pixel art style and classic 2-bit soundtrack. And it’s addictive as hell.

In Devious Dungeon you play as a knight tasked with ridding your king’s castle of nasty monsters. There are layers upon layers of levels for you to clear out, each one more dangerous than the next. They’re also randomly generated, so each level will be different every time.


The dungeons are set up in worlds and levels. Each world starts off easy at level one. They get harder as you make your way through, finishing with a boss at the end. Once you’ve killed a world’s boss, you move onto the next world and so on and so forth until you beat the game. Thankfully, each world also has checkpoints. So, for example, if you die on level 6, you’ll hop straight to level 5 with your new character.

As you play through Devious Dungeon you’ll collect XP and coins. When you collect enough XP,  your character will level up, allowing you to choose between upgrading your strength, critical hit chance, and health. With the coins you’re able to upgrade your weapons, armour, and trinkets. The more you upgrade, the more powerful your character becomes and the closer you get to be able to beat that pesky final boss.

Devious Dungeon features 5 worlds with 68 levels and quite a few hours of game time. Not to mention a cool retro soundtrack and creepy but cute pixel enemies. If you’re a fan of the retro style and randomly generated dungeon crawlers similar to Rogue Legacy or The Binding of Isaac, you’re sure to love what Devious Dungeon has to offer.

Devious Dungeon is available now on Switch, PS4 and PS Vita for £6.49/$7.99