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The Crew 2 Sure is Beautiful

The Crew 2 header

Available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, The Crew 2 is a very good looking game indeed.

Honestly, its visuals rival that of the mighty Forza Horizon 3, which is impressive considering just how much bigger its open world is. Environments are full of life, the lighting is sumptuous, and the draw distance is to die for. Every second you play, you’re fighting not only for control of whatever vehicle you’re behind the wheel of, but also your eyeballs.

Thankfully, a photo mode is at hand for when you come across a scene that truly is picturesque. With one press of a button, time stops and you can line up your shot. You can even go back in time a little if you wish, to find that perfect moment. It’s hard to play The Crew 2 and not find yourself stopping frequently to add another picture to your gallery.

Of course, the best thing to do with pictures is share them, so that’s what I’m here to do. They’re no good just sitting on my memory stick, are they?

Here are some of my favourite The Crew 2 screenshots for your viewing pleasure. These are all taken from the game running on an Xbox One X, which no doubt adds to their splendour. Enjoy!

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