The Molten Falls Arena Now Live in Quake Champions

Quake Champions

Things are heating up in the world of Quake Champions.

As promised during Bethesda’s E3 conference, support for the fast-paced arena shooter continues to make it more alluring by the day.

Today, a new arena has been introduced to Quake Champions: The Molten Falls. Available in all ranked and unranked gameplay modes except Sacrifice, this hellish map features ample verticality, as well as wide lanes to facilitate plenty of running and gunning. But that’s not all that’s new.

Alongside a whole host of tweaks and refinements, a full list of which you can view on the game’s website, players can now also purchase Player Rename Tokens. Allowing you to change your name once, it’s a great way for players to re-brand themselves as they go about their competitive shooting endeavours.

Haven’t tried out Quake Champions yet? Early Access can be bought for as little as £3.99/$4.99 on Steam.