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The Podcast that Looks Through The Worst of Web: Free to a Good Home

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Every week I recommend a podcast to all the GameSpew readers. This week we have Free to a Good Home, a comedy podcast where two Australian performers look at the very worst the internet has to offer… classified ads.

Some podcasts take themselves seriously, some podcasts don’t feature loads of ejaculate jokes and some podcasts don’t have a whole section dedicated to one hosts eating snacks that have been brought to the recording. This is not one of those podcasts.

Ben Jenkins and Michael Hing go through a whole load of the most odd classified ads from sites like Gumtree and Craigslist, in truly unorthodox fashion.

Podcast of the Week: Free to a Good Home

What is it? A comedy podcast that looks at the weirdest classified ads on the internet.
Where can I listen? They are searchable in most podcast apps or their recordings are listed here on iTunes.
Who does it star? Michael Hing and Ben Jenkins and a host of special guests.
Where can I find out more? Your best bet is their Facebook Page.


Some of the ads are just quirky, most are odd and lots of them are overtly sexual, despite their platonic tags. Michael and Ben do a hilarious job of dissecting these adverts and the people behind them, with their very unique and mostly cum-based humour.

Free to a Good Home isn’t a podcast for the faint-hearted but it will have you stitches, if you let it. I once actually spat out my sandwich on the tube while listening to them. If that isn’t a recommendation then what is?

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