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2Solar Spirehawk

Image: Warcraft Mounts

Of Draenor’s world bosses, only one drops a mount, Rukhmar. The mount she drops is the fiery Solar Spirehawk. The Spirehawk is one of WoW’s standard 0.1% drop chance mounts. Thankfully, farming her can be done solo by a level 110 easily, but she can only be looted once a week per character, and with that soul-crushingly low drop chance it could mean over a thousands of attempts before you get the Solar Spirehawk mount.

Rukhmar can be found in the Spires of Arak flying around the south westerly shores. If she’s not there, don’t panic; she only has a 10-15 minute time between respawns. For a more exact location for her, the coordinates for her spawn point are 37,38.5. You’ll have to find somewhere to aggro her from though as she flies up high – there’s a bridge nearby that is a favoured spot to fight her.

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