The YoGPoD is Back to Celebrate 10 Years of Yogscast Nonsense

Each week, GameSpew recommends a podcast to listen to that you may not have heard of. This week we are recommending The YoGPoD.

No, it isn’t 2010 anymore and the YoGPoD is anything but a regular podcast, but as part of the Yogscast 10th anniversary celebrations, there is a special anniversary episode released: The Halloween Spack-10-cular.

Whether or not you’re a regular follower of Yogscast, this one-off is definitely worth listening to.

Podcast of the Week: YoGPoD

What is it? It’s been two years since the last YoGPoD from popular YouTube group Yogscast, but for a special 10-year anniversary celebration, the podcast has been revived for a one-off!
Where can I listen? Tune into the 10-year anniversary special here.
Who does it star? Yogscast’s Lewis and Simon.
Where can I find out more? You can visit Yogscast’s official website here.


The episode consists of Lewis and Simon reading out three creepypasta short stories and generally taking the piss. The whole thing is filled to the brim with the same nonsense that the Yogscast are famous for, tinted with a strong hint of nostalgia.

If you listened years ago, then you will love this anniversary special. And if you didn’t but love a good bit of British nonsense, then it’s still well worth checking out.

If you subscribe to the YoGPoD podcast feed you will get to indulge in the equally brilliant and equally silly regular Triforce podcast.

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