Wales Interactive Announce The Shapeshifting Detective

Shapeshifting Detective

Hot on the heels of The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker arriving on consoles, Wales Interactive has announced another FMV murder mystery that will land later this year.

Developed once again by D’Avekki Studios, The Shapeshifting Detective will be a supernatural-noir murder mystery FMV game that will unsurprisingly let you shapeshift.

Imagine the scene, you’re talking to a witness of a crime but they detest detectives and are being as uncooperative as possible. What if you could be someone else, someone that the witness will be more open with? By assuming the likeness of other people, you may be able to take the conversation in directions you never thought possible, uncovering more information. That’s the idea behind The Shapeshifting Detective.

With over 1,600 full HD videos for you to work your way through, The Shapeshifting Detective tasks you with finding out who murdered Dorota Shaw. And with three prime suspects who have uncanny powers, you’ll need to use your own supernatural shapeshifting ability to discover the truth. There’ll be nine characters for you to shapeshift into, a branching storyline, and an in-game radio station. But what’s most exciting is that The Shapeshifting Detective will have an element of randomness to it; any one of the three prime suspects can be the culprit, meaning that there’ll still be the element of surprise even on subsequent playthroughs.

Guest starring Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler from Contradiction and Aislinn De’Ath from The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, The Shapeshifting Detective is sure to be a FMV murder mystery worth looking forward to. It’ll be released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC towards the end of this year. Check out the trailer below to whet your appetite.