1The best games on Gamecube

nintendo gamecube
Image credit: Flickr/only alice

Did you say best Nintendo console ever? Why yes, yes I did.

When I was a kid and my dad purchased our Nintendo Gamecube, I remember thinking, “Why do we need that? We have the PlayStation.” Of course now I realise how naive I was. The two consoles are completely different! As great as the PSOne might have been, it didn’t have Zelda. Or Mario Kart! Or Smash Bros.!

All these years later, I still have a deep appreciation for the Gamecube. Not least because my very own console has: lived through more than five moves, survived  dozens of drops and scrapes (sorry, Gamecube!), and given me some of my best video game memories are from it. It still sits in my bedroom, albeit a little dusty and worn down, but it’s perfectly useable despite its age.

Many gamers will strongly disagree with my statement that the Gamecube is Nintendo’s best console, which is understandable considering what its predecessors were. But simply the fact that I still play my Gamecube on a regular basis (probably more even then my Nintendo Switch!) makes it stand out to me. It has lived through the rough times of the early aughts, and still basks proudly in its cubular form.

To fuel our nostalgia, the following is a look back at ten of the best Gamecube games of all time, in no particular order.